Michael Green


Michaël Green (1980) is an internet artist who uses the computer as a tool to voice his inner~aesthetics though various mediums (3D animation, GIFs, music video, VR, 360 video, etc.) often working outside any classification of “genre” (“New Media », “Conceptual”, “Post~Internet”, etc.) Intuitional shapeshifting is central towards the dictation of the comprehensive themes of Michael lGreen’s work (Post~Humanism, American Culture, Identity, Modern Life, Capitalism, A.I., Online Persona, Hyperreality, eBay, Nihilism, Cyber/Human Body Modelling, PIXAR, Futurism, Alienation, Metamodernism, Internet, Perils Of Technology, Dystopia, Deconstructionism, Conspiracy Theories, Gender, Faceswaps, etc. )

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