SPAMM the Super Modern Art Museum is an international platform of Internet artists, a space open to digital creation, a decentralized alternative to the elitism of contemporary art.

Founded in 2011 by the French net-artist Systaime, at the origin of the French Trash Touch (a nod to the French techno vein that brought Daft Punk & co to international attention), SPAMM is the emanation of a net-culture that defends an open access to creation and appropriation by digital artists of their work and exhibition space.

Independent and resolutely international, SPAMM brings together more than 500 artists and offers lot of pieces of digital art online. Online, the curation is by Systaime and reflects an exhaustive and eclectic panorama of the most contemporary digital creation. On the occasion of numerous events and exhibitions, Systaime invites and shares the curatorial staff at meetings and associations, with other artists, young curators and adventurous gallery owners. From Venezuela to China, Moscow, Chicago, Venice, Warsaw, Naples and Paris, SPAMM artists have a common mantra: the Internet is/creates culture. They were spotted and joined SPAMM by word of mouth 2.0 as well as by the association of partner places (PROJECT-ion, New York, Nomade Art Space, Hangzhou, China, BabyCastles, New York, DfbrL8r, Chicago, Faltmouth Art Gallery, London, Mapils Gallery, Naples, Italy…) and by independent associate curators. Capillarity, serendipity and exchange are the ferments of SPAMM.

SPAMM invests the real world on a global scale by offering IRL exhibitions that make it the equivalent of a music label. SPAMM is the hallmark of a networked art that is uncomplicated and fresh, emerging and furiously joyful, democratic and openly inclusive. SPAMM participated (among others) in the international alternative biennial The Wrong in 2018 (the SPAMM Power pavilion featured 140 artists and collectives), was invited to the Transnumériques festival in Brussels in 2012, to the International Digital Art Festival of the Musée d’art contemporain de Nuremberg or to the Musée d’art contemporain de Caracas, in Venezuela, for the exhibition « Dulce » in 2013.

Glitch, mash-up, digital collages, net-art… All new forms of digital culture are welcome at SPAMM, which broadcasts and associates its creations on occasion, as for Arte, the Franco-German cultural channel, opening a window on online creation in 2012.

And if SPAMM is an online platform that fleetingly puts down its digital suitcases here and there, it is not said that it will invest in a permanent place in the future. On which continent and in which country? The bets are open… like the proposals!

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