Laura Hyunjhee Kim (현지)



Artist who works with video, performance, and the Internet as a medium to render familiar physical experiences into digitally fabricated (non)existent spaces that reimagine digital culture and authorship. Kim lives and works in San Francisco, California and frequents Seoul, South Korea.


Prince Inspires a Sexy Purple Art Show, The Creators Project, Oct 3
The hilarious art of Pokémon Go photography, Fusion, July 29
Special Guest #8, Film Essay, July 25
Living Room Light Exchange Publication
(Issue 01)
Episode 88 – Gallerized, Congratulations Pine Tree, June 1
Art+Tech: Digital Age at the #newSFMOMA, Mutual Art, May 11
Laura Kim & The Grand Export, The Big Conversation Space, May
My 5 Internet Obsessions, New Hive, January 22

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