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stAllio! is an Indianapolis-based artist who works in new media and music—both under his own name and with the band he founded, Animals Within Animals. He is best known for sample-based music and for his experiments with databending and glitch art.

His music can’t be pinned down to one style. One minute he’s taking the mashup aesthetic to the next level by slicing up pop music and splicing it back in elaborate ways. The next minute he’s dabbling in ambient loops and noise. Then’s he’s experimenting with databending—the creative misuse of digital information in ways other than was intended—incorporating sonified data files into his work, and even making music composed exclusively of such sounds.

He’s also made a name for himself in the emerging field of glitch art by applying similar techniques to the visual arts. His databending tutorials have been cited as an influence by many in the field, and he continues to innovate with work like the glitch text generator and art canvas, and his experiments with dithering and color tables. He regularly posts new work on tumblr and also runs the popular glitchgifs tumblr.

media attention and live experience

stAllio! has been covered in numerous publications and websites for projects such as his popular glitch pillows and mugs, his glitch text generator and text canvas, his work manipulating photos using Microsoft Wordpad, and more. His music has also been included in well-reviewed compilations such as 50/50 and Bricolage #1 (as stAllio!) and Free Speech For Sale, Boom Selection: Volume One, and Dictionaraoke (as Animals Within Animals).

stAllio! performs rarely these days, preferring to focus on creating new studio work. In the past, he has performed throughout the midwest and the south, along with radio appearances in San Francisco and elsewhere. He’s performed at events such as GLI.TC/H and the Circuit Benders’ Ball, and shared bills with such acts as Girl Talk, Doormouse, the Evolution Control Committee, Xanopticon, Realicide, Reverend Ivan Stang (of the Church of Subgenius), and Il Troubadore.

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